Friday, July 20, 2012

The FUNNEST Job Ever!

 I just love my job!
Today was our Team Retreat.
We got the whole day to go do some service.
And bond.
(James Bond.)
I did not get the opportunity to take any of my own pictures, however, since David did, and I coaxed him into posting them to Facebook A-sap, I have some to share.

We started at a pavillian for a light breakfast: Donuts and OJ.
Then went and donated a bunch and bunch of stuffs to the Boys and Girls club.
Met at a park for some kick ball, water balloon volley ball, and "have you ever?"
Headed to lunch at Red Robin. 
Then hung out in our air conditioned building and had root beer floats while playing

 Oh it was a great day.
But it got pretty swassy out thurr during the kick ball game.
Just saying.
I know, TMI.
IDC. :)

I also added a new tab to my pages titled "Easy Living" check it out when you have some time.

P.S. I'm nervous for Jordan to go to Batman tonight. I know it'll probably be alright, but I cannot believe that psychotic man who shot up that theater.

On a lighter note, have a great weekend :)


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