Monday, July 23, 2012

Movie Theatre Terror / Limbo Weekend

I'm in limbo.
Basically meaning I feel weird because today was Monday.
The first day back from the weekend.
But I don't work tomorrow.
So it's kinda like a Friday.
So I am posting about my weekend but I sort of feel like it is the weekend.
Ya hurr me?

My weekend was gureat.
Friday night J-bag went and saw Batman at... get this.. 11:25 PM!!
I was petrified of 2 things:
1. He wouldn't make it home
2. I'd be home alone till like 3 AM.

We both survived. Thank the heavens.
I don't know how I used to sleep alone every night alone when he was working grave yards. It's scary!

Saturday Jordan AND myself went to see Batman during the day time.
I was scared the whole time. Keeping my eye on the exit and entrance the entire time.
Looking out for suspicious behavior.
But other than that the movie was actually really good!
Remember how I said my desire was low to see it?
Well I'm glad I did. By far my favorite Batman to this day.
(I wanna watch 500 Days of Summer tonight!)

Later Saturday, we went to see Jordan's friend Paul Sheffield perform at Wiseguys comedy club.
We stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some yummy treats.
We had a lot of fun. It was a cute little date time.

Sunday we played kick ball with my familia.
Then later my sissy and her fiance came over and hung out for a little bit.

Haha I love this bottom picture for some reason.

AND we put handles on our cabinets! Yaye!!


We still have more to do but we got started and I love how it adds just a little sum-in sum-in!

Sunday night we also watched the new episode of Breaking Bad in our bed together.
These little moments are what I look forward to.
If you watch this show, how awesome is Jesse??
Love him!

Random photo's:
We've definitely had some rainy days lately.
So I've tried to get some cool pictures.
Unfortunately by the time I grab my camera it's pretty much stopped,
and all that's left is drops on my window.

Happy 24th Utahn's!

Now Playing: Katy Perry - Hummingbird Heartbeat
(thanks to the katy perry movie i saw with gina!)


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Gina said...

Aw cute date night!! LOVE your new cabinet accessories, SO cute :)