Saturday, April 21, 2012

Figured It Out

So I guess my phone just isnt "high tech" enough for the new instagram app.
I was wondering why everyone was talking about it being available for the android market now
yet, i couldnt see it in my market thingy
WELP it looks like my phone's too old.. Psh. its like 2 years old.
And I found a loo-pole (spellcheck)
I downloaded it on my HTC tablet.

Here's a picture of my Saturday Night!
Ahh  love it!

If you have it follow me?
Haha not sure if the following is cool on it or not.
I just like the cool photo effects.
user name: allieboowho23



Jenn @ PSP said...

Looks like a fun Saturday night to me! I soo wish I had instagram - but I have neither a smartphone nor a tablet. Fingers crossed for a new iPod touch for my birthday! I did however get a new phone this weekend, so happy days : )

molliejon said...

Ohhh, I loveee instagram! (: It's like picture Twitter for phones!

You'll be obsessed before long with it!
And I'm following you now (: