Thursday, April 19, 2012


I believe that everybody has been bullied at least once in their lifetime.
Or made fun of.
I was watching America's Next Top Model last night and it had a great message.
I know what you're thinking, I was shocked too.
But it made me cry!
There were little 7 year old girls saying things that make them feel like they're not beautiful.
One of the girls on the show started to cry and tell the little girl "you're so beautiful!"
It was so touching!

It inspired me for a post.

What makes me feel like I'm not beautiful: My teeth. When I get clusters of pimples on my face. I was made fun of growing up for my acne and my weight. I had always had a chubby face and figure and never felt good enough. I had a best friend who was very little and I always felt all the boys I was crushing liked her more than me.

What makes me feel beautiful: When I see the sun set and all the amazing colors that can bring your world to life and you just think how lucky you are to be alive. Singing in the shower. When the wind blows through my hair. When my husband and I laugh together. Feeling love from my husband, family and friends. Being in touch with my emotions. I always wanted to build a wall so that I couldn't get hurt anymore but I realized emotions are good! And I feel horribly for those who don't let themselves experience them.

Just can't help but quote the Miss Xtina Herself, "You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words can't bring you down"

Feel free to link up or comment. 
I would love to hear things that make you feel unpretty.
And most importantly, things that make you feel beautiful.
You are Beautiful!!!
flaws we see in ourselves do not define us. we are all unique. and that's what makes us beautiful.



With Glitter On Top said...

Such a lovely post. I've always had ugly teeth, crooked and just not pretty. I have braces now and an spending every cent on my savings to have a beautiful smile. I'm 24 and have been concerned and embarrassed of my smile for at least 13 years, I'm finally fixing it.

I also have had acne since I was 16. I've done everything under the sun to keep my skin clear, unfortunately my acne is hormonal and controlling it is very hard.

My compassion is makes my inner beauty shine through :)

Ashley Thompson said...

It's funny you mention this beautiful thing because it's something I have been contemplating lately. I believe that we are all our worst critics. We always see the bad before we see the good. We are so unfair to ourselves.
I was one of the tallest girls in school. From kindergarten on. I was called skyscraper, jolly green giant, big foot.....I think the only thing that made me feel better about the fact that I was a giant was the fact that I had a friend that dealt with the same thing. We fought the battle together. We told ourselves that boys would eventually hit their growth spurts and we would stop being overseen. That's exactly what happened. Maybe not until junior year of high school, but it eventually happened. lol That friend always told me that we should stand tall for ourselves, literally and mediphorically. We are now 5 feet and 10 inches of beautiful because we have embraced our gift of height. I don't have the gift of wonderful thighs or clear skin, both I actually dislike very much about myself, but I am 5 feet 10 inches of me. I never used to wear heels because I was always taller than all the boys I dated and even my ex husband. First thing I did after my divorce is went out and bought 5 pairs of the tallest shoes I could find and continue to wear them proudly.
I am getting older and I see things with my body changing. I gain weight in different spots, I can't eat like a cow like I used to and have it go no where, cellulite is now a factor, my skin isn't as tight.....Maybe this is with age too, but I have grown to appreciate my body a lot more. I made a vow to myself last year during my divorce that I was going to start from the inside out and make myself Beauty start from the inside and I truly believe that. When I started feeling better about myself and realizing that my thighs might not be perfect and my face still has acne (at freakin 26, almost 27) I started to see a more beautiful person standing in front of a mirror.
The thing that you post was perfect. Be.YOU.tiful :)

Jenn @ PSP said...

Awesome post! I love random posts, fashion posts, funny posts...but I also love it when people keep it real. Also, you ARE beautiful, none of those things you feel like make you less beautiful do at all! Things that make me feel unbeautiful - when my hair just won't cooperate, when I'm with my friends that are just so unbelievably gorgeous, when I'm sad and/or have just cried, when life or the weather is gloomy. Things that make me feel beautiful: healthy, yummy food, being outside, pretty dresses, and my hubby : )

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Love this post Allie, that's so sad you felt that way because you are so beautiful! :)