Monday, February 27, 2012

These Dreams

I had a weird dream last night.
I dreamt that I was trying to sell one of my blog posts to a popular magazine.
The executive lady looked at it and said "This won't do, you need to write about something that people care about!"

I was devastated.

Sometimes my topics may not be too interesting. But its okay!
I did something really nice yesterday. So out of character ;) haha. Cant give specifics in case that person reads this.

Lately my life has consisted with one show.
My husband is a nerd and its why I love him. So he loves his new found Big Bang Theory.
And I love the relationships between Leonard and Penny.

Hope your Monday is CUTE!
(jordan says i call everything cute)



Alicia said...

New to your blog. The hubby and I have been watching the Big Bang Theory almost non stop too! My hubby is also kinda a "nerd" ;).

Sabrina said...

Hey girl...just stumbled upon your blog, and I like it ;-) I am your newest follower!

P.S. I have thee weirdest.dreams.ever. sometimes too! :-)

Miranda said...

haha....hope your Monday is CUTE as well! :)

Amy and the City said...

Yess the Big Band Theory is the best! My boyfriend adores it!

Jenn @ PSP said...

Hey girl - I FINALLY posted about the Versatile Blogger Award and linked back to you : ) Sorry it took so long, it's here:

Also, I've heard such great things about The Big Bang Theory! Can't wait to watch!


Recently Roached said...

Big Band Theory... ah :) My husband is a nerd, too. I never know what he's talking about when he talks about what he did at work.

Your blog is so cute. I wanna hear these raps you write :)