Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

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-waking up before the sun.
-was going to do the braid with my bangs today but it looked weird so i took it out now i have the wavy bang look.
-i've been awake for 2.5 hrs and still have eye boogies. yuck.
-taking rx calls.
-getting that scratchy throat.
-going 3 weeks without my addiction diet coke.

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-i saw a shooting star on my way to work. made a wish.
-its payday. love it.
-i get off at 3:30 today.
-plans to go see a movie today.
-have a gift card to the movies from my work. which means its free for me.
-paid off my wisdom teeth bill yesterday. so excited about this!
-our house appraised at 3,000 more than what we're buying it for!

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Jenn @ PSP said...

I'm getting the scratchy throat too : ( Oh gosh, that facebook thing is so true! It's like - Oh no! And then reasoning it out in your head - they won't see it, maybe I can "unlike" it real quick ; ) Yay for free movies! Still have to get my wisdom teeth out : (


Kristine said...

Ugh... wisdom teeth. So glad it's over with! ♥

Miranda said...

haha that facebook things is so true...i always quickly unlike it just in case they won't get a notification for it :) what movie did you see?

diary of this girl - megan said...

thank you again for the versatile blog award :) and happy friday!!!

Barbie said...

Yay on paying the bill off! Hope you have a great weekend!! :)