Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I could honestly watch Taylor Swift youtube video's all darn day!

Next time she comes to town I just must go!! I MUST!

Generally I dont get all into one artist, but seriously? She's So darn cute! 
And the meanings behind her lyrics just remind us of what song writing should be.
AND she is always so surprised when she wins like 5 awards at every award show.
Somehow she's not aware of how amazing she is.
Her real life BFF Selena is adorable too.

I mean look how cute!
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Selena-Super Bass

I'd just like to leave you with this:
Forgetting is not the sin, however, getting lost before you remember just may be.
-Yours Truly, Allie

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Lisa @ MMT said...

Love these two! I watched the video, so funny!