Sunday, January 22, 2012

01/20-22/12 - Da Weekend Pics

This weekend was nice!
I made an Orange Julius recipe from pinterest. Had some yummy food from Wingers. 
And Olive Garden! With my mom, sissy, and our men.
Visited my niece. Watched Cinderella Story (all 3 of them)
Watched We Bought a Zoo with girls from work and LOVED it!
Had to work. Found some great "quotes."
Went and got scrapbooking stuff with Gina and worked on our wedding album.
And took a bubble bath with candles.

It snowed a ton so I spent some time inside in my sweats!

Now I'm hangin home going to watch some Friends with my hubby.
<3 Friends!


Summer-Raye said...

How cute! Come join the valentines swap

A Girl Named Allie said...

Haha i just realized "our wedding album" sounds like mine and gina's but is definitely intended for mine and my husbands.

Anonymous said...

love the sweats look!!! Very Comfy :)