Friday, December 2, 2011

Mariah Carrey, 2 front Teeth, and Mistle Toe

I have a few ideas of what to throw on my list for Santa this year.
(oh how I wish Santa were real, I've been a very good girl :) )

1. Victoria's Secret Pink Black Sweats. This confuses Jordan. Are they pink or black? Pink is the brand honey. There's no time to explain.

2. An HTC Tablet. In actuallity I'd probably be happy with any that could take pictures and surf the web with a good speed and a good memory limit.

3. The Nikon 1. Its cute and seems to take amazing photo's. I just wish I knew more about camera's. I could learn though. Do any of you know if this is a good quality camera?

4. This vase from Pier 1. I've started to think I want it to be clear or white but turqoise is still cute too. Fill it with some cherry blossom strands. So cute!

5. I am not currently enrolled in school. But backpacks are handy for all sorts of things. I.E. CAMPING! Taking my gym clothes to work. That stuff. Isnt this one cute? From Target!

6. The Vow doesnt release till Valentines day. However, if someone could get me an advanced copy I'd love them forever! Channing, if your listening!

Do you remember the days when all you wanted for Christmas was your two front teeth??
Yeah... me neither. Bring on the presents!
(just kidding I'm not really that greedy. I swear.)