Thursday, October 20, 2011

Embracing My Weirdness

So.. I have been told I'm weird.

At first, the first time someone pushed this on me. Saying "You're weird" and I said "uhh.. Thanks" and they said "No, like REALLY you're weird" ... Want to know what I said? "F*** you!" (or something exaggerative)

I was pissed! I'm not "weird" I'm normal..

But I guess I'm not all that normal. I suppose you could say I'm more on the weird side. As I grow I learn to accept this as a trait not an opinion. I mean lets look at the facts:
I do Cher impersonations at work.
You can always count on me to be making weird faces in serious group photos.
I rap, by myself, in the bath tub.
I do the wave with my arms randomly while walking the halls at work.
Speaking of work, while on the phones, I will snake my head. You know. Who doesnt?
I blush for no reason.
My eyes are always beat red, and its not drugs, I swear!
Socially, I'm awkward.
I could eat cereal for every dog gone meal.
I've got more freckles than stars in the sky.
I mean shall I proceed?

The difference between always and now? I've chosen to embrace my weirdness. So watch out while I get buck wild on ya'll home-g's...

I'm weird but also a romantic. And this song is nice :)

Have a great Day Playa's.

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