Monday, September 19, 2011

The Best Part..

I suppose I'd have to say the best part of being a woman is my moods.
No, these moods dont seem so funny when their gloomy.

However, as odd as it may seem, I cant help but laugh when I come out of a bad mood and realize its because of silliness.

I may be mistaking my bipolarness for womanhood.. Eh, eff it.

Sometimes you gotta say eff it.

Aint dat da troof?

Oh so today I heard on the radio.. "the easiest battle to win is the one with yourself, just choose a side and let the other surrender" paraphrasing a bit. But I always have these battles with myself. I can take this advice to heart.

Somethings.. easier said than done.

Today I got to set up an interview for Friday. For a position I really want! I cant tell you how nervous I am. It needs to include a 15 minute presentation. Eek! I better get on this A-Sap. Please wish me the best of luck! I'll need it. Good thing I married an Irish man (at least partly)

Good night for television.

Roast of Charlie Sheen was alright.
My favorite joke by
"you smoke, you drank, did drugs yet the only thing you got removed was your kids" again paraphrasing. but funny.

Also. Ryan Gosling was on Conan. And take 2 is on right now.

We find it so easy to get upset about the little things..
I like to get super excited about the little things.
Little pieces of heaven that find their way to me daily.

okay i think thats enough pictures.. you can get carried away on pinterest

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