Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Because you are the only one who is there when no one else is. So make sure its a good one.

Got that from The City. Whoever said you can't learn anything from reality tv was mistaken.

Pictures from us at the West Jordan firework show.

Tanks Andy, Tanks.

Today was so humid. I wanted to die. Or jump in a pool. But the view right now, I guess makes it okay.

Kevin: Why'd you get it so big?
Michael: A- that's what she said. 

If you seen on my facebook, then you already know, but my niece Kaydee told me I'm her best friend on friday. This is exciting because normally only "little kids" can be her best friend. We played with barbies all night on Friday. I also got her to fall asleep without her getting fussy and crying. This made me feel accomplished!

Me and J went to Village Inn (j's favorite) and Transformers 3 on Friday. I liked it. I just didnt feel any chemistry between Shiah and Rosie. I loved Megan Fox because of her tom-boy-ish attitude and Rosie was very opposite. Still a great film dough.
Just included those for a visual comparison.

Well, well, well. I hope you all have a good work week. For me, it was hard to go in today. But again I am happy to have a job that I enjoy, just hard waking up.

Here's a fun video if you're a Harry Pottah fan.

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