Saturday, July 2, 2011

Original Rap.

I wrote this for my Team Newsletter.
Want to share with you thugs.

Ain’t nuthin but a G Thang.
Can’t throw me under the bus Mang.
Dem told me if I gots a twenty dolla bill to throw mah hands up.
I aint gonna do dat cause what if dem just tryin to rob me?
You can’t trust any-one,
When yous a true G.
When you go da extra mile,
For a memba who ain’t a SelectHealth fan, Den you know that you gots it, You ain’t generic, you name brand.
One and done,
Do all you can to make it good.
So dat yo audits outstand all otha’s,
You gots somethin to prove.
Tell dem to check it out,
Cause Ryan Dunn juss passed.
Hata’s gonna hate,
But hata’s alwayz finish last.
If you’re names Edward Cullin then you gots a fang.
If you’re names Jacob Black you make dem 12 year olds say dang.

1 comment:

Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

LOVE THIS! You got some superb rapping skills!