Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fri, Sat, Sun.

Friday - Went with Amy and my niece Kaydee to the dollar movies to see "Hop." Movie ticket = $2, Popcorn and drink = $16, My first time seeing my little niece in a big movie theater chair = well you know the saying. When the movie was over a young man sitting next to us with a little girl tipped his cowboy hat towards us and asked us to dinner. It was funny. 

Saturday - Had Shari's baby shower at noon. What a fun time! Before going over to the shower I stopped to pick Gina up from her house and saw her cute new things. My lovely pregnant women are so beautiful. I'm so excited for you Shari and cant wait to meet Jaydon :) Then me and G hung for a bit. Later I swung by my dads to pick up Amy and Kaydee and headed to my aunts for her birthday. Fun times. All night me and Jordan snuggled on the couch and watched The City. I'm the luckiest girl ever that he'll sit threw that with me.

Sunday - Me and Jordan went to the movies to exchange our Harry Potter tickets to IMAX, THIS Saturday! Can't wait! Its like an era coming to a close. While there, we saw Green Lantern. Good movie. Picked up some lunch on our way back home. It was a nice time. I love my boo.

Here's some pictures, I love pictures.
 Me and Shari at her shower. Cute belly!
Me and my lovely Gina at Shari's shower.
She made me put these stickers on my face.
Kissing my lover boy.
My outfit today. Earings - Forever21. Shirt - Khols. Vest - Charlotte Russe. Shorts - Tj Maxx.

Hope you had a nice July weekend. Arigotto.

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Wren and Savy said...

Love your outfit, makes me MISS no garment days.... AGGGGHHHH!