Friday, July 15, 2011

Babies Everywhere

I work side by side with 2 pregnant women. My bff and cousin will be delivering within the next few months.
Its just silly because my brain thinks like this..
"who will be next?"
We're just at that age. Everyones getting married, and having children.
I love seeing who will be next.
Watching all these cute young loving couples starting families.

Sometimes I think.. I want to be next.
Then I think.. not yet.
Then I think.. Maybe?
Then I think.. nah not yet.

I just want to have a house before I start my family, if I can wait of course. If a baby came before then for any reason I would love them with all my heart.

There are just a few things that "by the books" would be much smarter..
Its just hard not to get so baby hungry with all these DAMN babies everywhere.

For now I got my niece.
And soon there will be enough babies for me to baby sit to settle my fever.

I still think though, who'll be next? :)

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