Thursday, April 28, 2011

Old Journals.

Sometimes when I am doing one thing and I find old things I end up just looking at the old things instead of doing what I was planning on doing.. Hah.
You do this too right?

So today I got into my old journals. I have a bunch.
I like them a lot cause I used to glue all sorts of items in them.
I took pictures just to show you. 
I did a ton of brigthening so you cant read it. Haha. I'm sure it wouldnt interest you anyway, and their from like 6 years ago but just incase.

Anywho.. I love reminiscing. I was a crazy teen.
I was funny too. I wonder if other people thought I was funny.
I read a part where I said something like "I was talking with blah, blah and blah then blah, random guy, came over and hugged me and no one knew who he was and they said who was that and I said my boyfriend --- and they believed me"
You may not understand why I find this funny.
But maybe the whole story would help.

Tomorrow is Friday! Hooray. And I finally have that song on my ipod
AND I'm driving by myself tomorrow
So you know what I'll be listening to.

I hope you all have a great weekend in store for you. Why?
"Cause you're worth it" ;)

XOXO - Gossip Girl

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