Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ocean Avenue

Remember Yellowcard?
I remember my first show, a warped tour.
They were one of the bands I visited.
They played "Only One" and it's a charished memory of mine..
Pretty much being humped by a million complete strangers,
Who are in tank tops with their arms over their heads and sweat pouring all over my face
(You have an image in your head now?)
Anyway, And we all scrame at the top of our lungs, in unison
"Heeere I goo.. Scream my LUNGS out and try to get to you!! You are my ONLY ONE"
Carefree. Sweaty. Oh so fun.
Yet for some reason, I've never returned to another Warped Tour since.. Hmm..

Life seems to have changed so much since. Not in a bad way necessarily. Just different. I'm sure this post is slightly effected by my previous post. I love life now. It was just so much easier when I was 13. Good night fellow bloggers :)

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Sharistan Kay said...

HAH! I remember this warped tour! lol it was so warm and OHH so much fun! :)