Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I have a few pictures here. Mainly cause I hate how hard it is to post pictures on here, they need to make it more user friendly. If you guys know of any other ways to post them, let me know.

Christmas this year was so wonderful. It lasted 5 days. And they were all amazing. Christmas eve Jordan took me out to breakfast and we went to my moms for dinner that night and she made her infamous obgrotten patatoes that all us kids absolutely love! The day before that me and J saw Tron. It was really quite good! Would've been better in 3D. But on Christmas eve night we just stayed up till midnight and opened all our presesnts. we couldn't wait! He got me such wonderful gifts! including the Keyboard I've been wanting for so long now. We later went to my dads for breakfast on Christmas day and to Jordans parents for dinner. So yummy. I'm stuffed for the rest of the year. Not. Hah. But it was good. I hope all yours went well also. happy holidays!

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Wren and Savvy said...

Love your red plaid shirt Allie, so cute! AND your tree ;) Actually, I just love your whole blog!