Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jour Dix-Neuf

Nicknames I have and why:

Allie - This one is the reason behind my actual name Allison. My dad wanted to name me Alli with an "i" like the girl from Karate Kid. My parents had wanted this as a nick name but not the actual name so they named me Allison but have never actually called me it unless I had broken something. Then it was "ALLISON ANN!!"

Allie Bug - I am not sure who started this, it was either one of my aunts or my parents and they've called me it as long as I can remember. I'm guessing because it sounds like "lady bug"?

Alli-boo - I think I made this one up for myself when I started a myspace back in 10th grade and then it kinda caught on like illegal downloads did but has also mellowed out. I think only jordan and my bff call me this now.

A, Allie-gator, Allie-son, Al - All just names people get from the spelling of my name.

Goober, Punk, Monkey, Ninja, Boo, Baby, Babe, Muffin - All the names jordan calls me. Little things like this make relationships special. Love it!

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