Friday, August 4, 2017


You know those days where you feel like you're drowning? Like everything you're doing is a little half assed because otherwise you'd get nothing accomplished. You don't feel worth as you try and keep up with daily tasks. Trying to keep kids happy, husband happy, be a good friend, sister, daughter, employee. Secretly screaming for help in an empty room. You don't feel pretty enough, successful enough, good enough for those amazingly angelic babies who play beside you as you try and unload a dishwasher that will immediately be refilled. Chaos is everywhere and you're kinda holding back tears every second of the day? Yeah me too.

It's the best reason to be exhausted but damn I could use a nap. I've been doing so much soul searching lately it's mentally draining. When did life get so jumbled? And a real question, will I ever fold the pile of laundry in my hall?

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