Monday, May 4, 2015


I am so so sooo excited for this warm weather!

Going to make it a summer to remember for sure. Just a few things on my summer 2015 bucket list: Zoo, pool, splash pad, herriman "beach", chalk drawing, park hopping. 

Today has not been half-bad. B surprised us by sleeping in till 9:30 then we went on a beautiful lil walk to our neighborhood gas station for some goodies. I finished sewing her second pair of leggings last night and theyre holding up great! One proud momma.  I wanna sew her a blanket soon. Seems simple enough. Brooklyn loves exploring and has such a free spirit. If we tell her "no" she throws a huge fit. We're in trouble. Her latest thing is putting both hands up when we tell her to say "I don't know". She loves chicken Nuggets and fries. Has been eating bananas, tacos, cookies, graham crackers, fruit loops, and basically any finger foods. Unless it's passed 5 pm. Then she will only eat limited snacks. She loves jordans bobble head super heroes. And sleeps great at night. I am continually grateful to get to spend all my time with my Lil munchkin sugar bum.

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