Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall / Bump it

It is officially Fall! I don't know if I have ever been happier to be in Fall! The clothing is so much more comfy for my ever growing belly. I have so so many things I am looking forward to this breezy season! First things first, our next ultrasound is the beginning of October and I just need a confirmation on the sex of our baby and we'll start a flippin NURSERY!! I am on cloud nine thinking about a baby room and all the joy it'll be filled with. I have almost an exact image in mind. Can't wait to put it to action.

Second - All the best shows start back up in the Fall. I'm loving my XFactor and The Voice back to back all week. I can snuggle up with a cup of chocky milk and cry over silly little stories they put in there.

Third - Crafts! I have no Fall decor so I have been crafting up a storm. Okay not really. I've done 2 things. Little things. But more to come! I will make sure to share.

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