Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Streeeess - For all the right reasons

UGH May!
And June.
UGH June!!

These next 2 months stress me out! May is a lot of planning. Me and a few girls threw a bachelorette for a girl at work last weekend. My sissy is getting married June 1st. Which means = Bridal shower, Bachelorette, making the cake, helping with wedding stuff. Which I LOVE, don't get me wrong. But for a girl as lazy as me, it feels like a lot! Plus Mothers day coming up! (also, I LOVE but gotta get some gifts for all my moms) And June is full of birthdays. And I mean FULL! Lots of fun events but I'm slightly looking forward to July. The Fourth of July to be exact! Laying back on a blankie with my husband watching fireworks explode. Sounds amazing. Also, if I find the time, I hope to host a big Summer Kick Off BBQ!


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