Saturday, May 11, 2013


The Great Gatsby.
I am pretty sure I was supposed to read this book in school. I always some how got out of reading the school assigned books. High School, even Junior High, was such a blur. I am almost positive I made it through by looking up chapter summaries on Spark Notes. Or by getting extra credit for writing assignments. I loved writing. Having the choice to put words where I wanted. The thought of having to read a book just because someone wanted me to just never intrigued me. At all. But when I started to see the trailers for The Great Gatsby I started to wish that I had read the book. As an adult I see a little more clearly (yes just a little) as to why they assigned us these books to read. They had messages of some sort. It was to get people to read and grow.

Well, I never read the book. We did just see the movie. It was a good movie. Put together so nicely with such great camera work. But damn, what a sad story! Gatsby, so in love with a woman that he'd do anything! And she? So selfish. So materialistic. Very sad and tragic.



Natasha said...

I thought the exact same thing about reading that in high school.. I'm sure we did in an English class (oh, Copper Hills), but I'm not sure I actually read it! I ended up getting it from the library and read it in two days- it's only about 200 pages so you should pick it up. I'm a little hesitant about the movie- the trailer kind of threw me off. But maybe I'll check it out!

Allie said...

Tasha if you liked Moulin Rouge I'd highly recommend Great Gatsby!