Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Just a few more months. So lets talk.

What're you going to do this summer?

I'm going to take an airplane to a far away land
Claim it with a flag, don't say I can't

I'm gonna place flowers on each of your doors
Swiffer sweep each an every one of your floors

Play hands up stands up in the middle of a playground
Steal a few things from a lost and found

Press repeat a couple times for my favorite song
Always do whats right, lets try a little wrong

Stay up just a little too late
Pick a lock of an unknown gate

Stick my tongue out at a little child
Dip my strips in something a little mild

Pop out of a sun roof of a moving car
Heated wind on my skin, see a falling star

Skinny dip in a lake that's just too dang cold
Can you see little me doing anything that bold

Place a dime in a struggling musicians case
Take a hike, way up high and leave no trace

Get sun burnt over and over, never learn a thing
Go to a wedding for a friend, hold their diamond ring

Wear shorts too short, make them men go crazy
Kick back on my couch, feel a little lazy

Sky dive, plum-it to my death
No worries, I'll take my last breath

What you looking forward to this Summer? :)


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