Thursday, February 21, 2013

AA Time

 Awkward / Awesome Thursday.

It has been awhile since I've participated in this but here we go!

  1. The words that come out of my mouth. I have heard all day "Allie, you're so awkward today!"
  2. The team picture we took today at work. What do we do with our hands??
   3. The gross roads. When the road is barely wet and its BARELY snowing outside and the cars flick that gunk up at your windshield, I couldn't see anything. My car is filthy I tell ya!
   4.  My mail still being sent to my dad's even though we've changed our address. Not as much awkward as uh-noying!


  1. Our rebate cards came today! Money in my pocket, money in my hands!
  2. I am thinking about selling my car. I owe about as much as it's worth, I am hoping to be able to sell it and get something cheaper but still good quality!
  3. I have close to 200 hours of pto and NO clue how to get rid of it all. If only I could cash out half and take a vacation. Give it 2 more years and I can do something cool like that!
  4. Scheduled myself for a Zumba class next week at my work. Super excited.

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