Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It sure does the job that is for sure!

Over all I am happy with my purchase. It cost me a total of 12 bucks total for this guy. Amazing how a shelf really opens up a room. I had all the stuff on the shelf (minus the toilet paper) just sitting on our sink counter. 


I first took off the fugly heart thingy. I thought it would be a sinch to get rid of but man did it try to hold on. There were nails into all surrounding boards. After getting that off, I just sanded it a little bit with a sanding block.

 The tricky part was getting it white. I think I did a total of 5 coats. I was going to paint it a salmon color at first but decided against it. I may paint a jewelry box I have the salmon color an use it as an accent though!

I was using the towel to of course protect my kitchen table from paint, even though I have been meaning to paint that for centuries now!



Andrea said...

Very cute! You did an amazing job!

Gina said...

So pretty!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

That is ADORABLE Allie!!! :)