Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Soft Water

I don't know how to post about anything that is super personal or sad. I know that I usually post about happy things or silly things. I have always struggled writing down my hard times, even in journals, unless it was in poetry. Poetry was my way of getting those thoughts out onto paper. I think I mostly struggle with this because I don't ever want to remember those times. I know that its ups and downs that define us as people, but I think that I already, mentally, hold onto hard times and so it's fun to go back and read my journals full of good memories. Also, whenever I write about upset times they seem silly looking back on them. I never feel any better after writing or reading these things.

So, I definitely respect those bloggers who are able to put it all out there. Maybe one day I'll be there. Just not quite yet.

Oh and do you remember when I said I wanted FRO YO so bad! Well we got some and it was yummy.

However, the yummiest thing I have ever eaten was this peppermint cheesecake pie thing from Village Inn. I'm going to get a whole one and eat it all for Christmas Eve!

Tonight is the Finale of The Voice! I wonder who will win.



acornmanphotography said...

Your pic of Fro Yo reminded me I have ice cream in the fridge that I haven't eaten yet. YAY and thanks!

Gina said...

I love you :)

Ashley Thompson said...

Every writer is different. We either write about what inspires us, what makes us happy, sad or what changes our lives completely. Going back and reading my posts or journal entries about when I was sad or weak reminds me how far I've come. It reminds me to never make the same mistakes. It helps me see the good in bad situations. And sharing that with others helps me through it. The post I made about my divorce, uber personal. Probably the most personal thing I have ever put out there. But, I don't regret it one bit. I needed to let it out and I wanted others who were feeling my pain to know they aren't alone. I am not the strongest person in the world, but I do know my words are meant to be heard. So are yours. :) In whatever way you share them, it's enough for us as long as it's enough for you. You may not share super personal stuff, but you're still an inspiration and your words are soaked in. I'm an odd ball. My journal is my best friend. I can tell it anything without it judging me or even talking back. I can just talk, something I can't express very well in voice. We're all different. That's what makes us special. :)