Sunday, October 21, 2012

You'll Forever Be My Pumpkin

Saturday I decided I wanted to experience a Pumpkin Patch for my very first time.
Like EVER!
So, the husband and I hopped in my little red bullet and cruised down to one.
It. Was. SO. Busy!
I wasn't necessarily in desperate need of a perfect pumpkin.
Just one to carve something decent into for the Halloween porch.
So I figured.. EH. While we're here, lets take pictures with pumpkins and get the heck outta there.
And that's just what we did.
Afterwards we got some lunch and hit up a local Smiths for a no wait perfectly fine couple of orange guys.

We also got a few itty bitty ones for in doors.
We want to paint them next weekend.

Tonight we headed over to my dads for my birthday gathering and we all carved there.
It was a bunch of fun with a bunch of family.

Love them all so. so. much.

Oh and how freakin adorable are these two little munchkins together??
It's my niece Kaydee and her cousin Brooklynn.


1 comment:

Ashley said...

your first pumpkin patch??!! fun!
looks like you had a good time:)