Monday, September 3, 2012

Sponsor Swapping

I have always offered free sponsor swapping.
If you place my button on your blog I'll do the same.
I have recently removed any buttons that have removed mine from their blog.
Just a little clean up.

So if you are interested in free button swapping I'd love to partake!
Just email me at:

I hope you're all enjoying your Labor Day and grilling some burgers.
My day is being spent relaxing. Slept in. Watched tv. Got ready.
Ate Subway. Now waiting impatiently for the DirectTV guy to show up.
"We'll be there 12-4"


1 comment:

Kasey said...

gotta love that freakin 4 hour window they give you to wait around for them, ugh I feel ya! By the way, I just grabbed a button of yours and am putting it on my page :):) please fee free to do the same!