Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love My Job, WIW, Dream

Sunglasses: Vans | Shirt: Forever 21 | Jeans: Zumiez | Shoes: Famous Footwear

This week has been amazing.
A little bit hectic at work but in an absolutely amazing way!
Tuesday we got to go to Airborne (a trampoline arena)
It was so so so much fun.
They have walls and floors made of trampolines and foam squares.
Yesterday and today we have been doing training for a new product we are getting.
Lots of change but I feel good about it.

Had another nightmare last night.
Which also resulted in Jordan waking me up.

  Jordan and I were renting a basement apartment in a huge huge hugggge house!
They were still remodeling the majority of the floor we were staying on so we just stayed in 2 rooms of the place.
One day the owners were out so I decided to go exploring to see how big this place really was.
I was walking through halls and halls and rooms and rooms of mirrors and plastic wrap.
Cement floors, and no light except from the direction I came.
I think I hear something so I turn around.
I see nothing, but I start to call "Ashley?"
(the person who owns the house is named ashley)
All of a sudden I see a shadow appear.
I whisper, "Ashley..?"
The shadow shakes its head.. side to side and starts to walk faster towards me.
I then start to run through rooms and halls of mirrors being chased by the shadow.
I am all of a sudden stuck in a room where there is no where to go.
The shadow catches up to me and wraps its arm around my throat.
I start to fall to the ground.

This is when Jordan awoke me.
I suppose I was gasping for air again.

So Scary.



ashland said...

It wasn't me! Lol

ashland said...

It wasn't me! Lol

Gina said...

Cute as a bumble-bee! Stop with those dreams already, so creepy.