Monday, August 6, 2012

Love Love Love

I am feeling cheesy and full of love for all things!
Don't you love those days.
I love my hubs ubber a ton. He's sooo dang cuh-yooot.
 Today he said "I can't wait till it's fall and we go on walks together"
He loves the fall!

 My niece is turning 5!
In just like a week and a half.
I cannot believe it!
She makes me laugh so much.
She came over Saturday and we made forts.
I was watching videos when she was itty bitty, I will have to post sometime.
So cute.

I get so happy watching old video's of me and my bestest friend.
We're so funny!
We made a 7 minute video of us mocking one of our favorite shows at the time, THE HILLS.
She's a fellow blogger, you should check her out.

I cannot believe her baby girl just turned ONE!
Seems like just yesterday she was this tiny:

I love that Jordan and I got around to painting our trim in our bedroom over the weekend.
I am going to post a picture when we're all done.
It's going to be great!

I love that Papa Johns was doing 50% off deal and we took advantage!
YUM pizza. I actually like their breadsticks more than anything!
well not anything, I'm obviously exaggerating a bit ;)

I also am in love with spending time with my family!
Which I got a chance to do this weekend.
(and the fact that this is below the pizza does not mean anything, I was just so excited about that deal)
But in all seriousness, I feel very lucky.


LAST but not LEAST!
I am super in love with the fact that Joseph Gordon Levitt is releasing 2 films within the next few months.
Both look interesting.
Looper and Premium Rush.
I believe.
Should be good times.
Looper they did something weird to his face.
Hardly looks like him.

Phew, Monday's over.
Have a great week!


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Gina said...

Aw... LOVE this post! You're so funny. Kaydee is adorable! Haha we are funny, thanks for the shout-out! Cute pic of my baby girl. She's so big now. She's wearing the cute outfit you got her for her bday today :) I lovoeovlovoeloveLOVE it!