Monday, August 13, 2012

Day at the Beach

Crazy that just last week the air was looking like so..

And just yesterday, Gina and her baby girl came over and it looked much more lovely.
We went to this man-made beach by my house.

This last week has been a little cray cray.
I left my camera cord at work, so I wasnt able to upload pictures till now.

But it's been fun.
Thursday a girl at my work threw an impromptu bachelorette party for another coworker who is getting married.
It was fun.

OH and for my work pot luck I made this amazing recipe from pinterest!

 Yeah the picture isnt the best but it was SO Yummy.
They are smores bars.

You basically melt marshmellows and mix in golden gram cereal and chocolate chips then let it cool in the fridge.
If you like muddy buddies then you will like these!



I'm Simply Momma said...

holy cow that fire was close to you! It was close-ish to my work, but seeing that picture makes it feel a million miles away from my work!

That beach looks way fun though! Jealous...I wish we had something that cool by our house ;)

Gina said...

That was so fun!