Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That Bag, Have You Ever?

This bag looks awesome for a camera.
Now I have this bad boy and no way to carry it around.
Hope to get one of these cute camera purses some time.

I especially love the picture with the movie popcorn and drink,
Perfect for sneaking in the goods!

Teen Mom Season Premier is on tonight.
Yeah I'm one of those girls.
Kind of excited.

Also, I saw it on TV the other night so thought you may be the same way, do you ever get on your significant others back about how they need to "be more romantic, like the movies"
Kourtney (yes the K's) was watching the Titanic crying and wondering why her BF isn't more like Leo Dicaprio.
I just had to laugh because EVERYTIME I watch a chicky flicky I do the same thing.
I know their just movies.

But have you ever done this to your man candy?

the vow

I sure do love my hubby.


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Rolled Up Pretty said...

Allie, so fun you got a Nikon and congrats on the new job, that is SO awesome! I bet it's nice to be off the phones! Wren got me this bag for V day this year for my camera http://www.lovetheit.com/product_details.php?prodid=thebossi-white
and I love it! The one above looks really similar too, you should for sure get one that your camera won't get scratched in your purse! How's the new place, are you loving it???