Sunday, June 17, 2012

Date Night

Yesterday my husband and I went on a date.
Lately when we go out it will be a double date type thing.
So it was a lot of fun to have just us two.
It was flirty and romantic.
Just a couple of kids in love :)

We knew we wanted to go Mini Golfing but didn't know what to do for dinner.
So we just drove out to the golf range and started to look for a restaurant around there.
We found this cute Italian restaurant named Toscano.
The food was adequate but it was a pretty place.

Then we went Mini Golfing at Mulligans.
We set some high standards on what the other would get if they were to win.
He was schooling me.
So the last hole we decided if I made hole in one then I win.
NO matter what.
Welp, guess what I did.
Yep! This chick stepped up.
So it was pretty sweet.

Then we just drove some balls on the range till the sun started to go down.
Stopped by the grocery store on our way home for candy and drinks.
Watched some FRIENDS on the couch.
Then headed to bed.

It was a great night.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my amazing Daddy!

He is such a great man.
I always look up to him.
And want to make him proud.
He is such a strong male figure in my life.
I appreciate all he did for me as a child.
And now as an adult.
I'm everything I am because of who he is.
Love you dedgie!

My two favorite men right there!

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Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

sounds like lots of fun - and that one shot of him swinging and the setting sun is fantastic!