Thursday, June 7, 2012

A & A

- Mixing up my words all day at work "In case we get disconnected can you verify the patients name and date of birth?" Um yeah, that's wrong. I should be asking for the phone number in case disconnected.
- Sitting in my car eating my soft shell taco from Taco Time and my co-worker pulls up next to me and we make awkward conversation thru my driver side window.
- My skunk strip when I pull my hair back. I need to get my hair did.
- Calling someone at work a "douche" instead of "dood" in front of my boss. Hope I'm not in trouble.

- Getting to start my new position Monday.
- We got to go out as a team for 2 hours and do team building exercises today in the nice weather.
- Monday I may or may not be getting taken out to lunch.
- I finished Hunger Games finally.


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Anonymous said...

Too funny about work ... you're probably okay ... I once said a client's name wrong to our senior partner...instead of saying Krock I said C.CK...I think he politely just ignored me...LOL

Happy Friday!!

♥ Shia