Monday, April 16, 2012


Is it ever fun to wait?
Wait in a long line to check out at your local Target?
Most the time I end up convincing myself I dont need the stuff that much,
put it back,
and leave.
How about waiting for something cool to come in the mail that you bought?
Every day you check. Nothing. Ugh.
Waiting for Taylor to just come out with her new album already?
Seriously. I'm ready for ya now.
Waiting for your food to come, When you're starving?
Why didnt we just go to Chik Fil A?
Well I'm waiting to hear backk on my interview from Friday.
It sucks..
I hope I did better than I think I did.
I left the room feeling hopeless.
Waiting sucks!



SimplyHeather said...

Good luck!! I hope they call you soon.

Kate said...

lol - this cracks me up :P - I often tell my husband I think God's life lesson for me is patience. Waiting is hard!

Ale said...

So adorable!
My name is also Ale (spelled diff)

We should follow each other ya?

have a great day!

Natasha said...

Let's have a t swift cd release party. I seriously can't wait.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Good luck Allie, I bet you get it! :)

♥Messy Jessy♥ said...

I hate waiting too! I have no patience WHAT.SO.EVER!

Good Luck! I hope you get it!

Love that pic of you!