Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Things

FIRST: During your growing up-ness did you ever call anyone a "poser"

Example: You see a kid that doesnt know how to skate wearing "skater shoes" and people would be like "jake you're such a poser you dont even skate" when in actuallity he just thought the shoes were cool.

Well in junior high, I was jake. And I did not know how to skate. Poser was a weird word. If you heard it, dont you agree? Or when you'd diss someone really bad and say "moted" was that just in my school? You'd be like "Moooooteeeeed".. Haha.

SECOND: What do you think about my new blog header? I drew this, took a picture of it, then photo edited it with photobucket. Have you used photobucket lately? Its pretty awesome!

I edited these with just photobucket alone:


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