Friday, April 27, 2012

This Is Something I Want

I want this. Exactly.
With the shelves full of fun frames, floral accents, and books.
How cute!!

Any Fun PLANS for the weekend?

Me and the hubster are going to a comedy show on Saturday to see his friend perform.
Then I'll probably just paint a little more.

Is there anything worse than 5 O'Clock traffic on a Friday?
Welp, I'm sure there is, but right now, I am dreading it.
Can't wait to get home, get in my sweats, and let the weekend begin!

Now Playing: LFO - Summer Girls.



Kate said...

I would have a blast filling all of those shelves! This weekend will probably be filled with lots of cleaning and household projects... which might not sound too appealing, but considering that I've been sick all week and pretty much lacking any desire to move, I look forward to it ha!

Have fun at the show!

Jenn @ PSP said...

I bet those shelves would be so cute all decorated and full of books and movies! I love stuff like that in people's houses because you see so much of their personality in those things. Have a fun weekend!