Friday, April 6, 2012

Just A Quick Thought

Last night I was walking around our neighborhood and heard a loud ruckuss (spell check?) I looked over and it was a family of birds living inside someones vents. It was so loud, you could hear their wings clapping, the babys chirping and the sound of them coming in and out just brought me back to when we first moved into our last apartment.
Man that was miserable! Reminds me of THIS post.

So Happy Its FRIDAY! 2 nights ina  row with not enough sleep means I'll be spending a ton of time in bed this weekend. Yawn. :)

My New Hire trainer sent me a pic of my on my first day of work
Here at SelectHealth
Look at those locks! Sad face.

I've always told you I'd share a rap with you.
So here you go, I wrote this as a joke for a thingy at my work.
Lets just say, it never aired. haha.


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SimplyHeather said...

LMAO love your rap ((: