Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Hope I'm Not A Terrible Mom

I have always thought that when Jordan and I had children that I'd be such a great mom.
I'd love my babies more than anything in the whole world.
Just snuggle them. And provide for them. Love them so much.
A recent chain of events has worried me.
What if I turn out to be not as great as I imagined?
I am terrible at "tough love"
I dont know if I could put them in time out if they were crying.
It'd break my heart and I'd want to go hug them and say nevermind you're fine.
As bad as I know it is.
I'd want to sleep a full 8 hours. When I know thats impossible with babies.
I know I wont know till it happens.
But I just hope, when the time comes, that I'll be a mom for a child to brag about.



♥Messy Jessy♥ said...

You will be a wonderful mom Allie! You will punish them if and when you need to and know that you are doing it to make them grow up to become better people.
Don't worry about it!

Natasha said...

Ugh I have these same thoughts all the time! It's such a huge responsibility to raise an actual human being haha it freaks me out. But I honestly think that so much will come naturally and that we will be surprised by how much the whole motherly instincts thing is really true. Here's the plan. You have a baby first and test it out. then if all goes well, let me know and I will jump on the boat too ;) you'll be a great mom!