Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That bowl / A Gift Card Well Spent

Here is the bowl I was telling you about!
Isn't it cute?? Looks like a cup with the handle.

I also wanted to tell you, I got this coat with a gift card from my mother-in-law.
$25 bucks! I thought it was a steal.
It was originally priced at $110.
But Aero always has higher prices so they can say their "on sale"
I still thought it was a great deal though!

I also got these sandels with my gift card.
Cant wait to wear them when it gets warmer out!

Oh and the Tortellini turned out amazzzing!
Me and my hubs ate it all before I could remember to take pictures.
Maybe next time I will try stuffing the Tortellini myself.
This time I just bought the prestuffted noodles from Harmons.

Tonight.. Chicken Enchilada's! :)


Michelle P said...

Love it all! Very cute.

Breanna said...

love all your cool items :) Especially those sandals, so adorable!

♥Messy Jessy♥ said...

Great finds! That bowl would be great for soup, or cereal. Love it!

Glad your Tortellini turned out good, hope your enchiladas are just as yummy! Sounds like you might actually enjoy cooking more.

I make my mama's Chicken Enchiladas and they are a HUGE hit.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

LOVE that bowl, SO SO SO CUTE! :)