Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Paying No Attention To Warning

You know how we all do those little things that we just simply "arent supposed" to?

Driving without a seatbelt. Its just a block away, no biggie.
Don't throw our contacts away after 3 weeks, or whatever the time line is, I dont even remember.
Eating less than an hour before going swimming. Psh, I gots this.

Well my biggest thing is... Here we go..

Eating raw cookie dough!

I mean it says it right there on the package.. "Don't eat raw cookie dough!" But its Soooo good!

And, my good friends, that is my confession.


Separate note:
How was your weekend? 

Mine was good! Busy and good.

 Bundled up.

 Hung with the bestie.

 And her gorgeous girl.

 Chilled in front of my tree and lovely new coffee table.
First Christmas gift, thanks jodi and dad.

 Slept in my amazing bed.
And on the floor. To be explained...

 Got my hair did. Thanks Mom!
Its not cut, just looks that way.

 Baby sat/sleep over with niece and sissy.
Dress up!

 We slept on the floor.
Told you I'd explain :)

Love my job! Today we had our Holiday Social. 
Love that I get my Washer/Dryer this week! 
Love that next week is a short week.

DON'T Love, that I have so much to do to prepare for Christmas. Actually I do love this :)
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