Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mambo Numba 5

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Today I like to think that I made somebodies day. Or at least I put the effort into this thought that I had intended when I set it as a goal for myself.

I had such a humbling situation today. Takin call after call at work when I got a very kind lady who described the most upsetting situation. I cannot go into too much detail for HIPAA reasons. But she had a miscarriage and felt completely alone with it. Both professionaly from physicians and emotionally from her family. With it being the holidays definitely did not make the situation any lighter. My heart went out to this lady. I almost teared up while on the phone with her. She was so kind and I could hear the sadness in her tone. I am so grateful at our work for having the opportunity to send flowers for these types of situations. I wrote up a request and thats the least I can do to try to make someones day after events as she's had.

I almost feel guilty crossing this off my list, because it came so naturally to sympathize with her.

1. Sand/Paint side table.

2. Take 200 pictures in one day.

3. Try one work out pin from pinterest.

4. Try one new recipe from pinterest.

5. Make someone's day.

6. Buy something online.

7. Print pictures for album/finalize pages for wedding scrapbook.

8. Have a date night with myself.

9. Make something cool and crafty.

10. Write about something important to me.

And I think I know what I want to make for number 9!!!
Take a L00Ksie >>>

I'll keep you updated on that one! I have like till Saturday to complete this list. EEK!

have a productive, positive day!

I encourage you to reach out to try to make someones day faaabulouuus!


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