Friday, December 30, 2011

Divorce / Happiness / Challenge

It is so weird to constantly hear talk about all these people who have been married for short periods of time getting divorced. And yes mostly by people I mean celebrities. BUT I do know some real life people too.

Did you know that Russel Brand filed for the big DEE-vorc-ay from Katy Perry??
Dont ask me why I'm so shocked. 
However if you were asking in your head, I'll answer.. I'm shocked because they seemed kinda like they were good for each other. Too bad. 

The celeb couple I'd be SUPER duper shocked if divorced is this cute little couple.
Maybe its cause I follow them on facebook and they are always so cute.

Today was just straight up Happiness.
Work was great. Helping people made my day. And after work I went to Michaels to get stuff for my challenge thing a majigg and then to Chic-Fil A for din-din. ANND the Lady at the drive up window said:

"you're like really pretty"

Whether or not it was a joke, it made my day x 2!
The reason I feel it was a joke is cause I came home, looked in the mirror, expecting to see a golden goddess, and I saw this...

Also, I put up shelves my step mom got me for Christmas and I freakin love it!
Adds a little spunk to my walls.

Of course I'm also happy that its the weekend.
Another 3 day weekend! HOLLAA!!!

Challenge Update.. I dont think I'll complete this. SAD face!
If not finish, I know I'll get close.
Today I cross off number 9!
1. Sand/Paint side table.

2. Take 200 pictures in one day.

3. Try one work out pin from pinterest.

4. Try one new recipe from pinterest.

5. Make someone's day.

6. Buy something online.

7. Print pictures for album/finalize pages for wedding scrapbook.

8. Have a date night with myself.

9. Make something cool and crafty.

10. Write about something important to me.

So I just got some supplies from Michaels:
 Rings the size I wanted my dream catcher to be.

Suade string in the color of my liking.

Everything else I found just lying around. 

I started by putting a dab of hot glue on the ring and placed the string over it.

Then started to wrap it around so no ring shows.

After it was all covered I took some twine and tied a knot.

Then went to another side of the ring and tied a knot. 
I proceeded around the ring till I got back to where I started.

Then I just started to go at random angles to make it like a web.
There were more specific dircetions to make it look more like a star
but I just went crazy.

Turned out Okay if you're not too particular!

I then just added some charms and feathers I had laying around.
And put a chain on it for a necklace look. I may take the chain off and just hang it in my car
or by my bed to catch the bad dreams :)

Over all this was a pretty fun project.
Simple too. Cost: $9!!

Have a great last couple days of 2011!



I'm Simply Momma said...

I was literally sad when I saw that russel and katy were divorcing! I loved them together. Celebs are just destined to be miserable I guess, hardly any ever make it.

I loooove your dream catcher, and how easy was that to make??! I for sure will be making one.

Miranda said...

I am also upset they are getting divorced! i really liked them as a couple and seemed they would least a lot longer than this! i love your looks awesome!

Heather B {dreaming big} said...

Cute necklace! Nice work - you make Martha Stewart look like a chump.

Rolled Up Pretty said...