Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you're with me..

I like it like that!

Inspired by this song.
Today. I like it like that.

I like it like that:
Hey, windows down, chillin with the radio on (i really do)
Eyes closed
Sunset bliss
Soft sweet kiss
Hot sun
Fresh air
Fresh painted nails
10 hours of sleep
Light peaking thru the shades
Sunglasses on
New boyzz
Fresh clean cotton smell
Hot baths
Vicks rub when nose is plugged
Racks on racks
Baby laughter
Duel monitors, big ones
Just vacuumed carpet
Loved ones
Sparkling city lights below
Sparkle in the stars above
New moments
Cross-process effect
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Rain smell, rain clouds
Clouds in general
Living it
Loving it
Life is good. And I like it like that!

Where did my hair go???

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