Monday, October 17, 2011


First Order of Business:
Dancing with the Stars.
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Rob - Good luck. I'll give you all 30 votes or however many they allow.
Good luck to me too for other reasons!
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This I have realized today that I have learned in my past days..
- Dont drink caffeine or carbonation the morning of your interview. It helps my tummy if I lay off till afterwards.
- Internet can literally save your life.
- The BEST things in life really are free.
- I don't go a day without singing. ever.
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Third thing:
Me and Jordan have been watching Breaking Bad this past weekend. Its interesting.
Pretty much about an old teacher with cancer cooking meth with one of his old students.
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My heart has been racing non stop all day. And will continue till Wednesday.
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I gotta hit it up with "you can be mah hit girl" for ma ipod.

How awesome would it be to be a producer. Or whatever LA Reed is. I have been watching X Factor, as you know, and they get to just sit there and discover all this raw talent. Talent that moves me to tears and chills my bones.
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Se7en. and Last:
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
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Rolled Up Pretty said...

K when do you find out if you got the job???!!! SO excited! Also, LOVE Breaking Bad, SERIOUSLY obsessed!