Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personal Productivity

Today I took a Personal Productivity Class..

It was nice.
You know when you have all those millions of thoughts running in your head and you start to feel:

Well it taught how to manage them all in a way to get rid of all those feelings and not feel overwhelmed.
What?? Thats a great gift.

Most of it is kind of common sense, yet I never do. Like jotting everything down, making them into lists.
Not putting things off till last minute.

But there was some email techniques that I'm excited to try. :)

I had the pleasure of watching my absolutely adorable Niece on Friday:

Saturday me and J went to my momma's for dinner, my sissy and bruder came and brought their lovers. Along with miss Kaydee. It was fun, but Jordan, i'm calling you out, you were being a butthead.

Sunday was chill, hung out with my lovely bestie Gina, did some shopping for some great finds. Went to Jordans parents for Maureens Bday. Fun stuff. Jordans brother and his newly wed wife were there upstairs like doing it or something.. Not even joking...

Today I got to babysit again! I'm getting real good at this watching kids thing. Baby Olivia is so beautiful, I have pictures to upload sometime this week. Gina, you did so well :)

Have a great week everyone!

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