Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its Thursday Thursday

Awkward/Awesome- Its Thursday

1- My body. Its been so weird lately. I need to go to a doctor.
2- Having a different definition for "hot boxing" than my team mates.
3- Mentoring our new hire for 10 minutes. Hook everything up, take one call, alright that was good see ya later.
4- Not having a washer/dryer. Murder.
5- Not necessarily awkward but makes me mad, the whole Casey not guilty crap.

1- My team Olympiad is tomorrow! I'm gonna kick booty.
2- My Netflix came today! Just in time for the weekend!
3- Coming home to a home made meal. I was starving.
4- My cousins baby shower is Saturday. Yaye for babies.
5- Madi asking my dating advice today. Took me back and made me feel cool.


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Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

I love being asked for dating advice!!! Boo YA!