Friday, July 22, 2011


I didnt want to post anymore ever cause right now i have 123 posts. and thats a cool number to have
but oh well
i guess 124 will be cool too

I'm in a SINGing mood. Pretty sure my coworkers hate when i'm in this mood.
because i sound like a mixture of cher and justin beiber all day.
just non stop non sense coming from my cubicle.

love this song:
AND THEN WE BOTh go down together! we may stay there forever
just trying to get upppppppppp
and i'm sorry, but this wasnt easy!
when i ask you believe, you never let gooooo
but i let goooooo

i can only sing the sad songs
and you can sing along
and you could see the melody
has been crawling out your arms
and this never will be right with me
and now you're trying desperately
but i'm tongue tied and terrified of what i'll say

Also in a little of a katy perry teenage dream mood.
maybe cause she's in town.
but i'm not going.
sad face.

WELP budddds.. if you get bored this weekend text me up
i'll be doing a lot of nothing.

look how cute.

maybe this weekend i'll try to repaint some things of mine.

i've wanted to try a DIY turn something gross into something cool , forever.

haha how funny is this

Anyway, have a good Utah celebratory 24th Friends.

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